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News Automotive General Sustainability
February 2, 2022  

Where will Canada’s electric vehicle batteries go when they die?

News Automotive Energy General Materials Sustainability
January 4, 2022  

Electra inks deal with Glencore to produce EV battery-grade cobalt

News Energy Sustainability
November 10, 2021  

General Fusion establishes U.S. HQ

News Energy General Sustainability
November 10, 2021  

UVic buoy aims to advance wind energy for off-grid communities

News Automotive Sustainability
October 27, 2021  

B.C.’s climate change plan aims for changes for consumers, industry

News Additive Manufacturing Sustainability
October 25, 2021  

Roboze announces circular economy program for 2022

News General Sustainability
October 20, 2021  

Royal Mint partners with Canadian firm to extract gold from e-waste

News Energy Sustainability
August 1, 2021  

Preparing Canadian industry for the workforce demands of tomorrow

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News Energy General Sustainability
July 21, 2021  

How green hydrogen, not grey, could help solve climate change

News Automotive General Sustainability
July 20, 2021  

Report finds vehicle sales must be 70%+ ZEVs by 2030 to meet Ottawa’s emissions plan

News Electronics Sustainability
February 12, 2020  

U of T electrolyzer converts CO2 to ethylene at record rate

News General Sustainability
February 12, 2020  

Federal government provides millions to cut plastic food, construction waste

features Energy Sustainability
July 8, 2019  

Making Waves

News Materials Sustainability
June 5, 2019  

Report: Improving recycling of Canada’s plastics will require ‘radical changes’

News Aerospace Automotive Machine Building Metal Fabrication Additive Manufacturing Automation Fluid Power General Motion Control Quality Sustainability
February 15, 2019  

GM of Boeing Canada Winnipeg to keynote DEX Expo Winnipeg

News Aerospace Quality Sustainability
November 12, 2018  

David Saint-Jacques preparing for liftoff earlier than originally planned

News Medical Materials Quality Sustainability
October 31, 2018  

McMaster researchers develop “smart surface” that repels and accepts specific substances

News Machine Building General Quality Sustainability
October 23, 2018  

Ashored Innovations creates ropeless trap to help with marine animal entanglement

News Machine Building General Sustainability
October 16, 2018  

Editorial: O Pioneers, an ode to the life and times of Rethink Robotics

News General Sustainability
October 10, 2018  

Festo acquires pneumatic components manufacturer Fabco-Air

News Machine Building General Quality Sustainability
September 19, 2018  

Waterloo students create a system to help visually impaired using touch screens

News General Sustainability
September 5, 2018  

Beckhoff Automation opens new office in Quebec

News Sustainability
August 29, 2018  

Canada, U.S. see common ground on autos as three way NAFTA talks resume

News Quality Sustainability
August 21, 2018  

U of T’s Myhal Engineering, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre to be open for fall semester

News Sustainability
August 15, 2018  

University of P.E.I Professor creates ProGRES for women in engineering

News Machine Building General Sustainability
July 25, 2018  

Trade Tribunal finds subsidies and dumping of steel products causing harm

News Automotive General Sustainability
July 13, 2018  

Michelin agrees to buy Quebec off road tire maker Camso for US$1.7 billion

News Aerospace General Sustainability
July 10, 2018  

Bombardier’s C Series aircraft officially renamed A220 as it joins Airbus family