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News Energy General Materials
April 20, 2021  

Canadian firm named co-winner of XPRIZE by trapping CO2 in concrete

News Energy Materials
March 10, 2021  

Contest aims to create carbon fibre from bitumen

News Additive Manufacturing Materials
November 23, 2020  

Montreal engineers’ 3D printed webbing absorbs 96% of impact energy

News Materials
October 7, 2020  

Canadian plastics industry argues its products aren’t ‘toxic’

News Medical Materials
September 16, 2020  

Quebec’s FPInnovations invents wood-based mask filter

News Defense Materials
August 14, 2019  

New way to bend metals could lead to stronger military vehicles

News Materials
August 14, 2019  

Library of spider silk could hold secrets for new materials

News Materials Sustainability
June 5, 2019  

Report: Improving recycling of Canada’s plastics will require ‘radical changes’

PackPress Machine Building Materials
May 29, 2019  

Hygienic Machine Components

News Medical General Materials
May 23, 2019  

Ontario researchers invent way to store vaccines at higher temperatures

News Aerospace Automotive Energy Materials
May 8, 2019  

Calgary researchers turn greenhouse gases into carbon fibre

News Aerospace Automotive Materials
April 30, 2019  

UBC engineers create windshield de-icing coating

News Aerospace General Materials
February 26, 2019  

Bombardier to invest in two aerospace research projects

News Automotive Materials
January 14, 2019  

Volkswagen to build electric vehicles at Tennessee plant

News General Materials
January 14, 2019  

With tariffs still in place, Ottawa commits $150M to Algoma Steel

News Automotive General Materials
January 7, 2019  

Ford recalls over 953,000 vehicles to replace airbags

News Materials
December 18, 2018  

GE to spin off GE Digital as separate company

News Aerospace Materials
November 14, 2018  

CEO behind purchase of Bombardier’s Q400 line to keep production in Canada

News Automotive General Materials
November 14, 2018  

KUKA Robotics announces “major contract” with U.S automotive manufacturer

PackPress Machine Building Materials Quality
November 12, 2018  

Robotic cutting torch

PackPress Automotive General Materials
November 12, 2018  

Laser Tracker

News Machine Building Electronics General Materials Quality
October 31, 2018  

Go from design to physical circuit board in three minutes with “smart film”

News Medical Materials Quality Sustainability
October 31, 2018  

McMaster researchers develop “smart surface” that repels and accepts specific substances

News Additive Manufacturing General Materials
October 29, 2018  

Canadian webstore releases fully food safe PLA for 3D printing

News Automotive General Materials
October 23, 2018  

LeddarTech expands to Toronto, opens Automotive Center of Excellence

News Defense Materials Quality
October 22, 2018  

U.S. firm Lockheed Martin gets first crack to design $60B Canadian warships

News General Materials
October 16, 2018  

Canadian company brings cobots close to home

News Machine Building General Materials
October 3, 2018  

Montreal-based CollectivLabs reimagines what maker spaces could be

News Energy General Materials
September 25, 2018  

“Floating backpack” focuses on engineering to make your daily commute easier

News Metal Fabrication General Materials
September 12, 2018  

Canadian decision within weeks on steel safeguards, says Economic Development Minister

News Defense General Materials
August 1, 2018  

Judge blocks the release of blueprints for 3D printed guns, shuts down website

News Machine Building General Materials
July 24, 2018  

Meet the transforming house that travels with you at the push of a button