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News Energy General Materials
October 7, 2015  

Canadian engineers construct supercapacitor from ‘trees’

News Materials
July 21, 2015  

Waterloo startup Suncayr to shine with UV sensitive ink

News Energy General Materials
July 16, 2015  

UofT researchers’ new hybrid crystal opens door to hyper-efficient LEDs

News Aerospace Automotive Defense Metal Fabrication Materials
May 13, 2015  

Ultra strong metal alloy foam floats on water

News Aerospace Defense General Materials
April 29, 2015  

Scientists perfect material that looks like glass, acts like armor, molds like plastic

News General Materials
February 25, 2015  

Engineers discover strongest natural material

News Automotive Energy General Materials
January 28, 2015  

Canadian nano-tech to make windshield ice scrapers obsolete

News Aerospace Automotive Metal Fabrication Materials
January 21, 2015  

Laser-etched metal so water-repellent, liquid bounces off

News Medical Additive Manufacturing Electronics Materials
January 21, 2015  

UBC engineers develop cheap, hand-held biochemistry lab

News Automotive Electronics Materials Sustainability
January 14, 2015  

Waterloo researchers step closer to energy dense Li-S rechargeable battery

News Aerospace Automotive Defense Energy Metal Fabrication Additive Manufacturing Electronics General Materials Sustainability
December 17, 2014  

Design Engineering’s top 10 stories of 2014

features Aerospace Automotive CAD/CAM/CAE Materials
October 23, 2014  

Canadian-made ExactFlat CAD removes guesswork from 3D textile design

News Energy Materials
October 22, 2014  

Texas researcher tapped to clean up Canadian oilsands with nanotech

News Materials
September 25, 2014  

Researchers create ultra-thin “Diamond” nano-thread

News Aerospace Automotive Defense Medical Materials
August 29, 2014  

Grafoid opens 225,000-sq-ft. graphene research, production center in Kingston, ON

News CAD/CAM/CAE Materials
August 24, 2014  

Managing parting lines in injection-molded parts

News Aerospace Metal Fabrication Additive Manufacturing General Materials
July 31, 2014  

NASA’s JPL develops multi-metal 3D printing process

News Machine Building Automation Materials Motion Control
July 16, 2014  

Phase-Changing Robots

News Metal Fabrication CAD/CAM/CAE Materials
June 25, 2014  

Scientist develop ultra-tough, ultra-light 3D printed meta-material

News Automotive Materials
June 4, 2014  

Canadian device precisely dampens load from collision impact

News CAD/CAM/CAE Materials
June 1, 2014  

Strength-building in injected-molded parts

product Materials
May 28, 2014  

Vinyl Grips

News Defense General Materials
May 22, 2014  

U.S. Special Forces look to outfit high-risk troops with Iron Man armour

News Energy Materials
May 21, 2014  

Waterloo-developed nanotech to make LED light bulbs affordable

News General Materials Sustainability
May 14, 2014  

Japanese firm says it has solved challenges of electric vehicle batteries

News Aerospace Automotive Materials
April 16, 2014  

Engineers create self-healing fiber-based composites

News Aerospace Materials Sustainability
April 9, 2014  

U.S. Navy successfully tests jet fuel from seawater process

News Automotive Metal Fabrication Materials
April 9, 2014  

Stronger steel with a twist