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News Energy General Sustainability
November 25, 2015  

Canadian researchers discover inexpensive oil sands wastewater cleaning process

News Automotive General Sustainability
October 14, 2015  

Toyota aims to largely phase out gas engine cars by 2050

News Energy Sustainability
October 14, 2015  

Calgary’s Carbon Engineering unveils groundbreaking carbon capture project

News Automotive General Sustainability
September 17, 2015  

Porsche unveils all electric concept sports car

News Energy General Sustainability
August 28, 2015  

South Africans develop affordable solar power prototype that stumped Google

News Automotive General Power Transmission Sustainability
June 10, 2015  

Tesla SUV deliveries expected within four months, Musk says

News Automotive General Sustainability
June 9, 2015  

Ballard inks $10M clean energy bus deal in China

News Energy General Sustainability
June 8, 2015  

Harper takes part in shortened G7 climate talks

News Automotive Energy Sustainability
February 12, 2015  

Ballard inks US$80M+ deal with Volkswagen

News Automotive Electronics Materials Sustainability
January 14, 2015  

Waterloo researchers step closer to energy dense Li-S rechargeable battery

News Automotive Sustainability
January 7, 2015  

Toyota to open source fuel cell patents

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December 17, 2014  

Design Engineering’s top 10 stories of 2014

News Energy Sustainability
December 10, 2014  

UofT researchers develop spray-on solar power technique

News Energy Sustainability
December 3, 2014  

Study: Canada’s clean energy sector growing quickly

Feature Energy General Power Transmission Sustainability
October 30, 2014  

Canadian flywheel design putting Mississauga firm on the energy management map

News Energy Sustainability
July 10, 2014  

Quebec pension fund boosts stake in Invenergy Wind

News Energy General Sustainability
June 18, 2014  

Musk’s SolarCity to build enormous NY solar panel factory

News Automotive General Sustainability
June 16, 2014  

Tesla to “open source” its electric car patents

News General Materials Sustainability
May 14, 2014  

Japanese firm says it has solved challenges of electric vehicle batteries

Feature Aerospace Defense General Sustainability
April 30, 2014  

Morphing Wing

News Energy Sustainability
April 16, 2014  

Nova Scotian tidal energy research center selects new turbines

News Aerospace Materials Sustainability
April 9, 2014  

U.S. Navy successfully tests jet fuel from seawater process

News Electronics Sustainability
March 11, 2014  

Scientists create super-thin 2D LEDs

News Energy General Sustainability
October 4, 2011  

U of Calgary spin-off company short-listed for $25-million prize

News Sustainability
May 10, 2011  

University Windsor Centre for Engineering Innovation signs first tenants

News Sustainability
April 13, 2011  

Solar3D completes key element of its high efficiency solar cell

News Automotive Sustainability
March 8, 2011  

Toyota’s global sales of hybrid vehicles top 3 million

News Automotive Sustainability
February 14, 2011  

Electrovaya lands second major automotive contract

News Sustainability
February 11, 2011  

N.S. gov’t announces fourth test tidal power in Bay of Fundy

News Sustainability
January 31, 2011  

Western Wind awards wind energy projects

News Automotive Fluid Power Sustainability
January 20, 2011  

Chrysler, EPA to design Hybrid Hydraulic mini-van

Feature Automotive General Sustainability
January 9, 2011  

An EV Goes Sea to Sea