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Implementing Automation is Easier than Ever with Low-Cost Automation

The Low-Cost Automation (LCA) product line from igus® consists of both modular robotic components — including dresspacks, continuous-flex cables, bearings, gearboxes, motors, and more — and end-to-end solutions like gantry robots, delta robots, and articulated robot arms. All of these components and solutions are available at low costs relative to alternative options, and offer maintenance-free performance over the course of an extensive service life. Configurators are available to select components and design your own solutions, and service life calculators can give accurate service life estimates based on application specs. If you have specific questions about a product or application, experts are available who can help answer those questions and provide guidance.

A wide variety of dry-running components for custom automated systems

igus offers a wide range of components for robotic applications, from plain and linear bearings to linear actuators, motors, and slewing rings. These components can be mixed and matched to create unique systems geared towards specific application requirements.

These components utilize dry-running polymers that are maintenance-free and eliminate any need for external lubricants. The polymers are also more lightweight and inexpensive than metal alternatives, making them particularly effective for automated systems where weight and cost are some of the biggest factors for designers to consider.

To streamline the design process, numerous online tools and configurators are available for all major igus product lines. These serve to not only calculate the service life of components, but configure customized solutions and even place orders directly.

Learn more about igus’ components for robotic applications in this video.

Self-lubricating polymer components from igus are grease-free and maintenance-free

The tribologically optimized polymers used in igus’ components for automation are self-lubricating, eliminating the need for external lubricants and grease as well as routine maintenance. This drastically reduces the lifetime costs of these components compared to standard metal alternatives, making them ideal in automated systems where minimizing costs is vital.

Besides being lower cost, polymer components are lighter than metal and resist dirt, dust and corrosion. This is a necessity in automated systems that often operate under dirty and dusty conditions, and need to remain as lightweight as possible.

Given the wide variety of components igus offers, designing a custom automated system that combines all of these components can be daunting. However, various online tools and configurators are available to help not only calculate the service life of these components in real-world applications, but configure and customize components to ensure optimal performance regardless of application requirements.

To learn more about how igus’ components for automation can improve your application, watch this video!

Significantly reduce robot downtime with flexible cables and multi-axis cable carriers

Selecting the proper cables and cable carriers for use within multi-axis robots is essential to avoiding frequent downtime. If the cables used aren’t designed to withstand frequent rapid torsional movements, they are likely to suffer abrasion, kinking or even breakage. chainflex® continuous-flex cables are an ideal solution for these applications, capable of withstanding torsional stresses of ± 180° for every 3 feet of cable over a guaranteed service life of up to four years.

Equally important to proper cables is an adequate cable management system. Solutions like corrugated tubing place significant strain on the cables, leading to premature cable failure. A robust multi-axis cable carrier — such as triflex R cable carriers from igus — are designed with built-in torsion stops and high tensile force absorption to protect the cables within them.

Learn more about cables and cable carriers for multi-axis robots in this blog.

Grease-free gantry robots offer easy online configuration and free programming

igus offers low-cost drylin® gantry robots that utilize dry-running plastic liners, which eliminate the need for external lubricants and routine maintenance. These liners are also quieter and run smoother than recirculating ball bearings, and the polymer material is lightweight, hygienic, and resistant to dirt, dust and corrosion. Various sizes are available, including an XXL version with a workspace of 2000mm x 2000mm x 1500mm.

All drylin gantries — single rail, XY and XYZ — can be configured to your unique specifications and requirements with an online configuration tool. After configuration, you can add the final product directly to your cart and place an order. From beginning to end, the process takes just a few minutes.

Once you receive your gantry, it can be quickly and easily programmed with the free igus Robot Control (iRC) software. The user-friendly interface makes programming easy, even without extensive coding knowledge, and free training courses are available if assistance using iRC is needed.

Visit our webpage to learn more about drylin gantries and how they can improve your application.

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