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The Low-Cost Automation product line from igus consists of both modular robotic components — including dresspacks, continuous-flex cables, bearings, gearboxes, motors, and more — and end-to-end solutions like gantry robots, delta robots, and articulated robot arms. All of these components and solutions are available at low costs relative to alternative options, and offer maintenance-free performance over the course of an extensive service life. Configurators are available to select components and design your own solutions, and service life calculators can give accurate service life estimates based on application specs. If you have specific questions about a product or application, experts are available who can help answer those questions and provide guidance in choosing the ideal component or solution.

Combine rapid ROI and easy installation with low-cost automation solutions

Robotics and automation aren’t cheap. Often, automated solutions can cost tens of thousands of dollars, and require extensive programming to ensure smooth operation. Manufacturers are always looking to cut these costs and make programming as simple as possible to avoid lengthy development time. The low-cost automation product line from igus achieves both of these goals, while still providing quality performance.

The low-cost automation product line includes gantries, delta & SCARA robots, robotic arms, and components for nearly any robotic application. These dry-running components eliminate maintenance and ensure a long service life, reducing lifelong costs of the system and increasing return on investment.

Additionally, an intuitive robot control system, called the igus robot controller (iRC), is available and compatible with the entire low-cost automation product line. The software makes programming simple through its user-friendly 3D interface, reducing the amount of time spent on coding and making it easy for anyone to program their robot.

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Implementing low-cost automation can transform your system’s performance & capabilities

Implementing automation is the expectation, rather than the exception, in many industries nowadays. It makes processes more efficient, saves money long-term, and allows entirely new applications to be implemented. But, with this widespread adoption of automation, one vital question remains: How can it be improved further?

The answer is simple: The low-cost automation product line from igus. Various fully-assembled robots and individual components are available, all at a cost-effective price point. Components include continuous-flex cables, modular robot dresspacks & accessories, plain & linear bearings, motors, motor controllers, and more. Robotic arms, gantry and delta robots are all available as end-to-end solutions. Each can be programmed with the igus Robot Controller (iRC) to make the programming process simpler than ever.

All components and solutions are dry-running and maintenance-free, ensuring reliable performance over a long service life and allowing them to be used for applications requiring hygienic products. This versatility makes the low-cost automation product line ideal for a wide range of applications across an array of industries, which is essential in the world of automation.

Dry-running gantries for hygienic operation, available with free programming software

Gantry robots from igus are designed with dry-running plastic liners to eliminate the need for external lubricants. These liners run smoother and quieter than recirculating ball bearings, and the plastic material is hygienic, lightweight, and corrosion-resistant. The gantries cost up to 40% less than traditional gantry robots, and are ideal for low speeds with high loads and high speeds with low loads. Extra-large options are also available, with a workspace of 2000mm x 2000mm x 1500mm.

The igus Robot Controller can be used to program drylin gantries quickly and easily. The user interface is designed to be easily understandable even without extensive coding knowledge, and free training courses are available if needed for assistance in using iRC.

A gantry configurator tool is available to configure any type of gantry (single rail, XY, XYZ) to your unique specifications and requirements. Once configured, you can add the gantry to your cart and place an order. The entire process takes just a few minutes.

Watch the video to learn more about drylin gantry robots and the accompanying iRC software.

Accessible programming opportunity with easy-to-program, low-cost robotic arms

Programming, even at the most basic levels, can be a complicated subject. The need for effective teaching tools that are easy to understand is greater than ever, especially in higher education. One such tool is the free igus Robot Controller (iRC) software and accompanying roblink robotic arms. iRC has an intuitive 3D interface that makes the programming process simple — ideal for educational use. The software is available on its own, or as part of a DIN rail or cabinet version.

robolink robotic arms are a low-cost alternative to other robotic arms, and are fully compatible with the iRC software. “Legacy” options are available with slightly reduced speed and precision compared to newer models but at a reduced cost. This makes the most sense for use in educational environments, where the focus is on programming the arm rather than using it within a real-world application.

To see the robolink in action with iRC, take a look at our video!

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