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Simple single-source solutions for energy supply

Outfitting your own cables with connectors can be a time-consuming and costly task. This is why igus® offers readycable® cable assemblies, combining continuous-flex chainflex® motor, servo, signal and encoder cables with industrial connectors from industry heavyweights like Harting, Yamaichi and TE Connectivity. Like all standard chainflex cables, readycable assemblies have a UL-verified service life guarantee of up to 36 months and undergo extensive testing under real-world conditions at the 41,000-square-foot igus test lab. Additionally, readycable assemblies can ship in as little as 24 hours so you can get your machinery running as soon as possible. igus also provides readychain® prepopulated cable carriers, which are e-chains® filled with readycable assemblies — or standard chainflex cable — to create a single-source energy supply solution. An entire readychain system can be ordered with just a single PO and part number, making reordering a breeze.

Cable assemblies that can meet over 20 different manufacturer standards

readycable cable assemblies from igus are able to meet the standards set by over 20 manufacturers, including Siemens, Allen Bradley, and Beckhoff. chainflex motor, servo, signal and encoder cables are combined with industry leading cable connectors from various manufacturers to create high-quality cable assemblies for nearly any application.

Bringing together the mechanical properties of chainflex cables with the standards imposed by other manufacturers leads to cable assemblies that can’t be replicated anywhere else. To further tailor readycable assemblies to specific applications, custom lengths are available and there’s no minimum length requirement for cable orders. Finally, multiple outer jacket materials are available depending on the requirements of the application.

Ultimately, readycable cable assemblies take the hassle away from assembling your own cable, while also providing a solution that is both robust and cost-effective. All readycable products are available from stock, so orders can ship in as little as 24 hours.

readycable cable assemblies: UL-verified service life guarantee up to 36 months

Reliability is one of igus’ primary goals when designing products. This is especially true of chainflex cables and, by extension, readycable cable assemblies. Over 2 billion cable tests are performed each year in the igus test lab in Cologne, Germany, which is the largest of its kind in the industry at 41,000 square feet. The data from these tests is used in service life calculations, and is a part of why all chainflex cables have a UL-verified service life guarantee of up to 36 months.

readycable assemblies take this reliability one step further and are built to meet the standards of over 20 manufacturers, including Siemens and Beckhoff, while using connectors from leading manufacturers like Harting and Yamaichi. This ensures all readycable assemblies are of the highest possible quality and can be used in nearly any application.

To help customers navigate the extensive options available, an online product finder is available that provides a list of suitable cable assemblies based on specific application requirements. Once the desired products have been chosen, they can easily be added to the shopping cart for easy ordering.

Discover how readycable can save you time & money while improving performance

readycable cable assemblies combine continuous-flex chainflex motor, servo, signal and encoder cables with industrial connectors from industry heavyweights like Harting, Yamaichi and TE Connectivity, and meet over 20 manufacturer standards. Additionally, readycable assemblies are tested extensively in igus’ own 41,000-square-foot test lab in Cologne, Germany, and backed by a UL-verified service life guarantee of up to 36 months.

A key factor that sets readycable assemblies apart from alternatives is the continuous-flex capabilities of the cables used. They’re designed for continuous motion — options for either linear or torsional motion are available — making them a more robust and reliable solution than many standard cables. chainflex cables are also available in multiple different outer jacket materials such as TPE, PUR and PVC to ensure the widest possible range of applications can be outfitted with chainflex.

An online product finder is available for readycable assemblies to assist with finding the right assembly for you based on your application requirements. Assemblies can be sent directly from the product finder to the shopping cart to make ordering as simple as possible.

readycable & readychain: Single-source energy supply solutions from igus

Having quality cable assemblies in moving applications is only half the battle. Without the proper cable management system to manage assemblies, they’re likely to prematurely fail. To meet this need, igus offers readychain® prepopulated cable carriers. Much like readycable, readychain is a single-source solution to energy supply, with the primary difference being the inclusion of a cable carrier to hold the individual cable assemblies.

Four different readychain products are available for customers: Basic, which includes an e-chain cable carrier filled with chainflex cables but without connectors; Standard, which includes an e-chain filled with chainflex cable assemblies; Standard+, which includes everything found in Standard along with mounting plates; and finally Premium, which comes with a transport and assembly rack as well as the complete system available with Standard. Regardless of the chosen product, the entire system remains single source and only requires a single PO for easy reordering.

Whether it’s a simple single axis system, or a complex, multi-axis arrangement, readychain cable carriers can be designed to fit your application and save you the headache of harnessing and installation.

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