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TT electronics, OPTEK Technology has developed a family of optical isolators. The OPI1270, OPI1280 and OPI1290 series consists of a visible red LED with phototransistor or Photologic sensor, with transfer data through a plastic flexible cable.

Able to mount each end of the isolator at different locations in the system, the design of the optical isolators is said to maintain excellent data transmission characteristics while being available in a variety of custom lengths.

The OPI1270 and OPI1280 Series isolators feature a visible red LED and a phototransistor sensor, while the OPI1290 Series isolator features a visible red LED and a Photologic totem-pole output sensor. In all three devices, the LED and sensor are housed in separate opaque molded plastic housings and coupled by a plastic flexible cable.

The isolators feature an isolation voltage of more than 20kV with 0.05 in. lead spacing. Power dissipation rating is 100mW, with an operating temperature range of -40° to 100°C.



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