200+ Free AutoCAD 2008 Tutorials

Canadian trainer presents 30 hours of free online AutoCAD 2008 training.

Comments Off on 200+ Free AutoCAD 2008 Tutorials June 1, 2010

If you’re not picky about learning an “outdated” version of AutoCAD, Autodesk software training site, CADClips.com, has posted more than 30 hours of free online video (207 sessions total) from its AutoCAD 2008 ‘Video Reference’ series.

Presented by Canadian CAD trainer and designer, Daryl Gregoire (http://learnacad.blogspot.com/), the training series’ individual clips run viewers through topics including basic best practices and an overview of the application to more experienced topics such as Xref’s and dynamic blocks. In addition, the series includes eight “lab” videos hands-on projects.

Each clip runs approximately 10 minutes and stream directly from the site. Those interested can also order the series on a USB stick.