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24 diode, disconnect and LED terminal blocks


General DPN

WAGO Corp. is adding 24 disconnect, diode and LED terminal blocks to the TOPJOB S terminal block line. The specialty feed-through blocks accommodate conductors AWG 22-12, and are available in 2-, 3- or 4-pole variants with single-, double- or triple-deck configurations. Each DIN-rail mount block utilizes the standard TOPJOB S profile for seamless integration. Upcoming fuse terminal blocks variants will offer additional flexibility within the same compact footprint.

The blocks feature a WAGO-exclusive staggered jumpering system for convenient potential commoning and traditional push-in jumpers. TOPJOB®S specialty blocks also provide the greatest range of marking options including center and side marking locations, as well as marker tab and continuous marking strip adapters. Disconnect terminal blocks feature a test plug conveniently located on the side of each knife disconnect.

TOPJOB S specialty blocks employ push-in terminations for ferruled or solid conductors. Termination of stranded conductors is also simple, insert a screwdriver into block’s port to open clamping unit, push-in the conductor and remove screwdriver. CAGE CLAMP S Spring Pressure Connection Technology ensures all terminations are vibration-proof, maintenance-free and immune to temperature cycling.


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