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Global auto manufacturer chooses Perceptron Guidance Systems


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The Helix robot guidance systems will go into production later this year.

Perceptron Helix

Photo Courtesy of Perceptron.

Perceptron has announced that a leading global automotive manufacturer has selected its Helix robot guidance systems for its new vehicle launch. This is the second global manufacturer to choose Perceptron’s Helix robot guidance solution for their high throughput manufacturing lines.

“The large measurement volume of our Helix sensor family is a great differentiator for complex robot guidance applications,” says Rick Van Valkenburg, Perceptron’s Americas Director of Sales. “It reduces the total sensor count required, while measuring multiple vehicle models with a single configuration. The combination of our Helix technology and ‘Visual Fixturing’ alignment software provide the information our customers’ need to meet their fit and finish quality objectives.”

In the case of the first application, six Helix sensors mounted on the robot’s end-of-arm tooling ensure optimal fit on the liftgates for four different vehicle models. The Helix sensors measure the liftgate in the holding rack to ensure an accurate pickup of the part and then move to measure the vehicle opening with the same robot-mounted sensors.

Perceptron’s Visual Fixturing alignment software then provides an offset to the robot to optimize the fit, correcting for discrepancies in the build of the liftgate and the car body. This same offset also corrects any positional error introduced from the tooling.


The second global manufacturer robot guidance application involves eight Helix sensors to measure the roof opening and re-position the roof for optimal placement. In both applications, final quality measurements are taken around the liftgate and roof to record the overall fit between adjacent panels. Both Helix robot guidance systems will go into production later this year.


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