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B.C. firm says its invisibility camouflage backed by U.S. military

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Material developed by Vancouver’s Hyperstealth Biotechnology renders wearer nearly undetectable, company says.

According to the U.K.’s Daily Mail and other sources, the U.S. military is backing the development of an “invisibility cloak” camouflage created by Vancouver-based camouflage company, Hyperstealth Biotechnology Corp.

According to the Hyperstealth’s CEO, Guy Cramer, the company’s Quantum Stealth camouflage bends light around the wearer rendering them undetectable, even from IR scopes and thermal optics, and has been verified by multiple military sources.

While outspoken about his material’s capabilities, Cramer is not giving details about how his invisibility cloak works, stating security concerns. Nor does he care if the public believes the claims as only those who “need to know” have opinions that matter.

“Two separate command groups within the U.S. Military and two separate Canadian Military groups as well as Federal Emergency Response Team (Counter Terrorism) have seen the actual material so they could verify that I was not just manipulating video or photo results,” said. “These groups now know that it works and does so without cameras, batteries, lights or mirrors.”



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