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Conec launches IP67 overmolded valve connectors


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Conec has extended its portfolio of valve connectors with an overmolded variant of the DT connector series.

The Conec series of overmolded DT valve connectors is assembled in-house and overmolded and thus provides optimal protection against external influences in harsh environments, for example in underground applications, low temperatures or in dusty, hot conditions.

The DT connector series is designed as cable to cable connection and it is latched and locked via a latch with the mating connector. To unlock, the latch must be pressed down. Thus a quick and safe IP67 tight connection can be established.

Optionally the overmolded DT connector series comes with an LED to indicate the signal status and protection circuit. A unique feature is the 360° visibility of the LED. The protection circuit keeps switching and interference voltage away from the LED and connected systems.

To provide additional protection for the connecting cable in harsh environments, overmolding is done in the typical CONEC shape to provide the opportunity to clamp a protection hose directly to the overmolding. Optionally, the protection hose may be directly connected to the overmold via an M12 nut.


Available mounting options that are plugged to the connector housing can be used with the overmolding as before.

Currently, Conec DT valve connectors are available as 2-pole and 3-pole versions as male and female connectors..

Features include:
• Compact design
• With/without LED and protection circuit
• Status indication via LED, visible from all sides
• Attachment/mounting of cable protection hose
• The overmolding provides an overall IP67 protection from the housing into the cable


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