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The BCH-MO1 from Absopulse Electronics is a configurable battery charger system designed to accommodate a wide range of charging requirements. It would typically be configured to charge 12, 24, 48 and 120 V or other batteries and provide between 300 and 750 W output power. This battery charger system offers flexibility, short lead times and no NRE for custom or standard battery chargers, even at low quantities.

The building blocks of the BCH-MO1 are a pre-wired 4U x 19 x 7 in. chassis and an application-specific internal rectifier module. These include Absopulse model HBC 65 (300 W), HBC 319 (500 W) or fan-cooled modules HBC 65F (500 W) or HBC 319F (750 W). A number of other power supplies, including power factor corrected designs, could also be used.

EMI shielding provided by the internal module’s vented chassis typically ensures that the system meets EN55022 Class B EMI requirements. Although fan-cooled internal modules can be used, the system chassis also allows for conduction/convection cooling.

An analog voltmeter and ammeter monitor output voltage and current; two breakers and the indicator LEDs are located on the front panel. The indicators include a green Charger Good LED, a green Battery Good LED, a red Charger Fail LED and a red Battery Low LED. Three mounting options are available: rack-mount, bench-mount and wall-mount. The ac-input connector, the output battery and alarm terminals are accessed from the side of the unit.

Pricing for the BCH-MO1 is based on the output power and the particular internal module required.



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