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DASYLab data acquisition system


General DPN

DASYLab software from Omega is said to help users solve complex data acquisition and control scenarios easily and quickly by working with a flowchart directly on the screen. Module icons are placed on the screen and connected with wires in a schematic diagram, which represents the flow of data through the system.

Each icon represents an input, operation or output function. Real-time acquisition rates of up to 800KHz and on-line display of up to 300KHz can be achieved. The actual rates depend on the data acquisition board and other hardware used. Function modules include: analog input (ADC), analog output (DAC), triggers, digital I/Os, function generators, action operation, digital filters, spectral/FFT analysis, and mathematical, statistical and logical operations. Output modules allow for file writing, DDE output, and various types of displays, including strip charts, x-y graphs, digital and analog meters, and bar graphs. User definable icons include the ability to create a Black Box icon containing many icons, enhancing the usability for large worksheets.


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