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Emphatec named a Cypress Design Partner


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Emphatec has been named an Authorized Design Partner by Cypress Semiconductor for its PSoC 1 and PSoC 3/5 microprocessors.

This authorization by Cypress recognizes Emphatec’s ability to develop products using Cypress’s advanced microcontrollers. Emphatec is one of only five Canadian companies designation as an Authorized Design Partner.
Most microcontrollers have a fixed peripheral set. The number of UARTs, analog- to-digital converters, PWM (pulse width modulated) I/O, counters and others are constant and consume a fixed portion of the silicon real estate. If you do not utilize the peripheral, it is still on the device, just wasted. When choosing a microcontroller the designer must select a part with all the peripherals that will be needed and there is almost never an exact match.
CypressPartnerSometimes the project is open-ended and the availability of peripherals suggests additional functionality, but what peripherals should the designer choose? Each microcontroller manufacturer has dozens of variations on the same theme in an effort to cater to the needs of the designer.
Cypress has taken a different approach with their PSoC microcontroller. They have provided an array of logic and analog blocks and a high-end design tool providing you the ability to configure your own peripherals out of those blocks. If you need three PWMs and 7 UARTs you simply configure the device for that and your part is customized.  
A PSoC microprocessor is the heart of Emphatec’s BLUDAQ product, a DIN rail- mounted data acquisition module with Bluetooth connectivity. Other innovative products in development by Emphatec are also using PSoC microprocessors.
Emphatec designs automation products such as signal conditioners, PLC/DCS interfaces, power distribution modules and dedicated purpose controllers. Cypress Semiconductor delivers high performance, mixed signal, programmable devices.


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