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Environmentally friendly switches engineered to replace mercury and pendulum switches


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NKK Switches announced the availability of the DSB Series of mercury free tilt sensor switches. These environmentally friendly switches are engineered to replace mercury and pendulum switches and are ideally suited to meet product safety concerns due to normally closed (on) status.

A through hole, PCB mounted device, the DSB Series uses a photo interrupter instead of conventional contacts to ensure high reliability and sensitivity to very small angle changes, while at the same time supporting current environmental and green standards.

Inside, DSB Series switches contain two solid-state devices: one an infrared light emitting diode and the other a photo transmitter. A bright nickel-plated ball rests at the focus point when the switch is level. The internal ball movement allows functionality of 360° circumference rotation. The switch is triggered when tilted beyond ±30° from the horizontal.

The series features a sealed construction for protection from environmental elements, including hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen hydroxide. It has a completely sealed body to allow process compatibility for automated soldering and cleaning. Terminals are made of ammonia resistant material and are crimped to ensure secure PCB mounting and to prevent dislodging during wave soldering.

These switches can be ordered with right angle or straight PC terminals. The primary difference between the two configuration options is the placement of the terminals, as the ball always operates with gravity in the horizontal position. These two configurations allow design engineers flexibility in mounting arrangements. In addition, the compact dimensions of these devices make them ideal for high density mounting if required.


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