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Federal government announces $3.2 million investment into P.E.I based MDS Coating Technologies

Devin Jones   

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Funding aims to expand uses for MDS' deposition process that significantly reduces metal corrosion without impacting weight.

Using MDS’ coating deposition process, the compressor fin on the left shows little corrosion after 336 hours of salt fog exposure. The uncoated fin on the right was exposed to salt fog for 24 hours.

The federal government announced Monday a $3.2 million investment in Slemon Park, P.E.I., aerospace company MDS Coating Technologies. The investment comes via the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA), to help MDA develop different manufacturing processes for the company’s metallic-ceramic coating and polishing process used in aerospace and turbine engines. As part of the investment, ACOA’s Business Development Program has contributed an additional $200,000 so MDS can purchase a 3D metal printer.

MDS’ coating technology protects engines from a variety of substances that are inherently corrosive to large industrial engines such as sand, dirt, volcanic ash, fluids and corrosives suspended in the air. The nanostructure coatings are designed for the compressor section of a gas turbine engine, applied through what MDS describes as “Physical Vapor Deposition,” (PVD). As a result, the coating is extremely thin, so as to not impact weight or dimension tolerances. Founded in 1997, MDS developed the technology to significantly cut down on greenhouse gas emissions as well as engine maintenance and fuel costs.

According to the Defence Daily Network “MCT coated applications have increased time-on-wing from approximately 100 hours to over 2,000 hours, saving as much as $8 million per CH-53 Helicopter per year.” 



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