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Siemens PLM Software announced the High Definition PLM (HD-PLM) technology framework, which will enable decision makers throughout the product lifecycle to make better informed decisions more efficiently and with a higher level of confidence.

The HD-PLM technology framework is designed to efficiently turn this massive, widely distributed and heterogeneous collection of data into knowledge, through a tightly integrated set of solutions that will permeate Siemens PLM Software’s entire suite of enterprise applications. These solutions will significantly enhance decision making throughout the product lifecycle by taking users into the realm of advanced data interaction that actively applies meaning to data and intuitively presents rich information in a way that facilitates understanding.

High definition decision making

HD-PLM is based on four basic tenets that define how the technology framework will help users make better decisions faster so they can spend more time innovating.

1. Personalize the users’ experience by recognizing who they are and actively presenting them with only the information they need to perform their tasks.


2. Assist users proactively to make collaborative decisions, by aggregating, analyzing and monitoring information, notifying them when action is required and suggesting collaborators to aid in their decision making.

3. Clarify the users’ understanding by presenting “rich” information in the most intuitive way and enabling them to navigate to associated data from different disciplines and sources.

4. Validate user decisions against best practices, by applying analytical techniques to assess alternatives and capturing decision-making best practices for future reference.

An HD-PLM enabled system will, for example, recognize a given user as not just a CAD operator, but also a powertrain engineer or airfoil designer and automatically personalize the workspace to put that individual in the right context for the tasks being performed.

The system will then proactively assist the user in accomplishing tasks by informing him or her of issues to be addressed, seeking out pertinent information to consider and individuals to collaborate with based on the activity being performed. Throughout the process, HD-PLM will help clarify information by presenting it in a visually intuitive way and making it easy to access further detail from a variety of disciplines.

Finally, through analytic techniques as well as evaluations based on domain, company and industry best practices, decisions can be validated by leveraging available knowledge. As a result, users will not only formulate more intelligent decisions, but they will make those decisions with a significantly greater degree of efficiency and confidence.

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