High-performance hybrid stepper motors

AMETEK announces the MAE brand Size 34 (Model HS 200) hybrid stepper motors exhibit superior torque characteristics to power a wide range of industrial equipment applications. Their low detent torque to holding torque ratios serve to deliver smooth and quiet operation and the fine positioning capability required for microstepping.

0 December 16, 2009

Typical applications for these steppers include actuators, packaging machinery, pumps, and other equipment across industries. The motors are CE approved and manufactured according to EN 60034-1 specifications. UL versions are available upon request.

Their top-to-bottom insulation system incorporating stator insulators and other components enables the steppers to withstand internal temperatures up to 130°C. Robust design and rugged construction contribute to reliability and long service life.

The hybrid steppers include three versions with step resolutions of 1.8° (200 steps per rev) in full-step mode. Holding torques (bipolar) of 779 oz-in, 1062 oz-in, or 1416 oz-in can be achieved, depending on motor type. All are available in standard NEMA34 mounting configuration.

Other noteworthy features include precision-honed stators and ground rotors for tight air gap and maximum performance, single- or double-ended shaft extensions, and high-temperature grade neodymium iron bore magnets. Motors can be supplied with 4 leads and single- or double-ended shafts upon request and can additionally be customized with gearboxes, encoders, and other options to satisfy particular application specs.


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