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A series of 0.40 mm pitch Micro Coax connectors from Molex Inc. are said to offer increased space savings and improved signal integrity for mobile device applications. Initially designed to run signaling through the hinge area of new swivel-type cell phones with rotating LCDs, the Micro Coax connector system is now finding use in applications such as notebook PCs that require flexible circuit routing, shielding, higher speeds and additional space savings. The connector system features an Insulation Displacement Technology (IDT) method used to terminate the centre conductor of 42 AWG coaxial cable.

The system offers a patented "double-clamp" wire grounding method for
the outer conductor and cable jacket. Unlike traditional hand soldering
methods that lay a solid ground bar across all wires, this method
places a grounding/retention feature between each tiny coaxial wire. A
second retention feature clamps into the cable insulation for firm
mechanical wire retention. This method is also said to offer several
key benefits over solder-bar types, including avoidance of hardened
wires and wire pull out; up to 30 percent diameter space savings;
consistent grounding between circuits and the shell; increased signal
skew prevention; and up to 60% fewer transmission (dB) loss at
frequencies between 1 to 3 MHz.


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