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Mitsubishi takes VFD technology into 600 V regions


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Engineering and plant managers in regions where the main power supply is 575 to 600 V can now harness the performance benefits of Mitsubishi Electric’s inverter technology with the introduction of the A860 series variable frequency drive (VFD).

A 600-volt version of the proven A800 series all-in-one VFD, the new A860 series inverter combines traditional induction and permanent magnet motors into a single solution.

“This new VFD provides high performance response and energy-efficient motor control just like the A800, but it can be used in areas that have 600-volt power supply specifications,” said Chris Cusick, product manager, Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc. 

“The A860 offers durability, dependability and dynamic performance specifically for 600-volt applications.”

The A860 delivers speed, torque and positioning control for standard three-phase motors.  It is particularly well suited for controlling shock loads experienced in machine tools, and in lifting and hoisting applications. 


This multi-capability VFD is expected to achieve high adoption in the timber and textile industries, with particular suitability for use in saws, chippers, de-barkers and heavy conveyors.

The A860 can be used in both induction motors and interior permanent motors.  Its suitability across a number of different applications and motor types reduces engineering, implementation, and long-term support and eliminates the need for application-specific VFDs.


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