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Mobile hydraulic cylinder position sensors


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DPN WEB EXCLUSIVE: MTS Sensors has introduced a line of mobile hydraulic position sensors. Beginning with an enhanced version of the existing MH sensor, the M-Series sensors line will also include solutions designed for smaller diameter cylinders (>1.5 in./32 mm), and a new sensor for applications requiring extended performance and features, such as programmable velocity outputs.

The MH sensor is designed for 2 in. diameter (50 mm) cylinders (or
larger), and now provides a measuring range of 2 to 78 in. (50 to 2000
mm), doubling the available stroke length. The sensor provides
3-position output options: 0 to 5 V, 4 to 20 mA, or PWM (16
recirculations). It also is available with a simultaneous velocity
output for more precise closed loop control capability.  The sensor
operates from ñ40&#176 to 105&#176C, and can be purchased with either
individual wire or cable connection options that are compatible with
typical mobile equipment electrical connector requirements.


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