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Parallelogram voice coil positioning stage


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June 2009 - The PVS-5.5 parallelogram voice coil stage from Equipment Solutions is said to be a complete, compact high performance positioning system. The 37 x 31 x 32 mm, 70 g stage features a 5 mm clear aperture through the centre of the motor and the friction free, flexure linking system. Non-linearity is <±0.5% throughout the stages 5 mm range of motion. The stage is suitable for optical focusing and micropositioning applications such as semiconductor, medical, optical testing, scanning microscopy, circuit board assembly and micro manufacturing.

Units feature a high force, frictionless voice coil motor and infinite life flexure system that provides superior responsiveness and accuracy (positioning resolution 75 nm) over conventional leadscrew or belt drives and produces the least amount of electrical noise of any motor currently available, the company says. The stage can be mounted in a horizontal or vertical position and for easy integration tapped and clearance holes are provided in the base.

An integral sub-micron linear displacement sensor with high bandwidth and low noise for high responsiveness and precise movements featuring frictionless optical technology completes this positioning system. The cleanroom compatible positioning system is low cost and uses ±12 V to ±24 V @ 1 A. The stage is available with the Equipment Solutions, Inc. SCA814 servo controlled amplifier, and to aid integration into a new or existing application, CAD drawings are available online.


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