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Pressure/vacuum pump

DPN WEB EXCLUSIVE: The Rietschle Thomas Model 2250 pressure/vacuum pump employs a low-vibration WOB-L Piston design that uses magnesium components that limit the pump's weight to 1.1 kg. A 24 V, brushless dc motor is said to offer low power consumption and long life.

April 20, 2005   Staff

The motor’s speed may be varied speed from 1000 to 3000 rpm, meaning
the airflow can be steplessly controlled according to application need.
In addition, an optional closed loop controller allows motor speed to
be maintained at a pre-set, constant RPM regardless of load or voltage
fluctuations. The oil-less piston and cylinder design ensures airflow
up to 0.6 cfm. Maximum pressure is rated at 17 psi and maximum vacuum
at 22 in. hg.

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