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8k Image Sensor

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Teledyne e2v’s Snappy Wide sensor offers wide FOV for high-throughput logistics vision systems.

Teledyne e2v announced its Snappy Wide sensor, a 8k, wide-aspect ratio CMOS image sensor designed for logistics applications. Snappy Wide has a 2.5µm global shutter pixel and integrates the company’s light pipe technology, which provides 67 dB dynamic range in 10-bit and 12-bit ADC mode. The sensors have low read-out noise, for barcode reading. With a maximum resolution of 8k (8,192) x 4k (4,320) pixels (i.e. 17/9 aspect ratio), the Snappy Wide sensor is available in black and white, and color versions, in 35 Megapixels (8,192 x 4,320), 28 Megapixels (8,182 x 3,500) and 16 Megapixels (8,192 x 2,000) resolutions. In addition, this new sensor can also be used as a high throughput 1D linear scanner (18,700 fps for dual line scanning).


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