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EPC’s Models A58HE and A58SE now offer PROFINET I-O (CC-C) communication protocol.

September 23, 2019   by DE Staff

EPC announced that its Model A58HE and Model A58SE absolute encoders now offer PROFINET communication protocol as well as EtherCAT. The Model A58HE is a 58mm encoder in a blind hollow bore construction, and the Model A58SE is a 58mm shaft encoder available with either a clamping flange or synchro flange, in both compact and heavy-duty configurations. Both models offer multi-turn resolution up to 43 bits, single turn resolution up to 16 bits, and continuous digital position monitoring. In addition, bores sizes are available up to 0.375 inch (15 mm) and shaft diameters up to 0.375 inch (12mm). The encoders meet CE/EMC Standards for immunity and emissions, sealing rated to IP65 and retain absolute position after a power outage.

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