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AC Synchronous Motors

Kollmorgen explosion-proof AC synchronous motors designed for hazardous duty.

August 18, 2020   by DE Staff

Kollmorgen launched a line of AC synchronous motors suitable for UL Class 1 environments with flammable or explosive gases and vapors present. Available in 120 and 240Vac single phase versions, the X version meets UL Class 1, Group D requirements while the XCE version meets ATEX Standard requirements. Operating at 72 RPM on a 60 Hz source, or 60 rpm at 50 Hz, the NEMA 42 and 66 frame motors offer from 250 to 1500oz-in (1.77 to 10.6Nm) of torque. Kollmorgen’s AC synchronous motors fit constant speed applications in chemical and petrochemical processing facilities, or similar industrial environments with the described hazardous conditions.

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