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All Endress+Hauser Promass Q and F flowmeters now have Measurement Canada authorization for custody transfer

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Endress+Hauser’s entire lineup of Proline Promass Q and Promass F Coriolis flowmeters – up to and including 10” bore sizes – now enjoys Measurement Canada authorization for utilization in custody transfer. Adding these large bore sizes – DN150 (6”), DN200 (8”) and DN250 (10”) – as custody transfer flowmeters opens up many opportunities in a wide range of industries, like oil & gas, petrochemical and food and beverage to benefit from the unique advantages of the high-tech Promass Q in particular.

Just over a year ago, Endress+Hauser introduced the new generation of Promass Q with revolutionary 4-tube technology and in the process added these three large-bore sizes. Promass Q flowmeters was designed expressly for challenging or critical applications, like the measurement of liquids with entrained gas.  Their 4-tube technology allows for up to 25% higher flow rates than 2-tube Coriolis flowmeters with the same nominal pipe size, for faster handling of bulk commodity transfers with potential for cost savings from faster turnaround of tank trucks, railway tank cars and ocean tankers in port. This same 4-tube technology also results in significant lower pressure that lowers flow rates when employing two-tube Coriolis flowmeters.

From a custody transfer standpoint, Promass Q sensors provide unbeatable measuring performance with gases and liquids other than water with best-in-class measurement accuracy (in either mass or volume units), density measurement accuracy, turndown and zero-point stability.

In particular, Promass Q’s unrivalled zero-point stability assures the highest level of accuracy and reliability in custody transfer. Zero-point stability indicates the extent to which the measured values displayed by a Coriolis flowmeter can change over time compared to the true flow values. Promass Q’s 4-tube system ensures a consistently small deviation from the zero point. Also, Promass Q is equipped with a unique, multi-frequency technology that can measure fluid with entrained gas with unprecedented precision, which also contributes to that superior zero-point stability.


With custody transfer applications that don’t require Promass Q’s enhanced capabilities, Promass F series meters are a proven reliable choice, offering consistent, premium accuracy and robustness under varying and demanding process conditions. These latest Measurement Canada custody transfer approvals cover all sizes of Promass F meters, for gas, which is new, as well as liquids other than water.

For both Promass Q and Promass F, available Heartbeat Technology provides an added level of confidence in measurement reliability between calibrations and supports extended calibration intervals by verifying device performance continually during intervals.


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