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Angular Gear Boxes

By DE Staff   

Power Transmission Machine Building

JW Winco GN 3971 and GN 3975 transmit high torques with or without a gear ratio.

JW Winco has two angular gear boxes that translate rotational movements by 90 degrees. The GN 3971 bevel gear box is available in seven sizes with housing lengths between 1.26 and 2.36 inches (32 and 60mm) and widths between 0.71 and 1.38 inches (18 and 35mm). The gear ratio between the gear box shafts is always 1. The gear shafts can receive axial and radial forces of 13.9 lbf (60 newtons) on the smallest model and 124 lbf (550 newtons) on the largest. This can be as high as 10 newton meters, depending on the operating speed.

The GN 3975 worm gear reducer measures 2.36 inches (6mm) on the sides and 1.38 inches (35mm) in width. Seven versions provide gear ratios between 1:13 and 1:65. The maximum radial and axial force ranges between 44.96 and 112 lbf (200 and 500 newtons) on the input side and is always 112 lbf (500 newtons) on the output side. Starting with a gear ratio of 1:18, a static self-locking mechanism prevents the rotation of the worm gear from the output side, offering improved safety in many applications. The encapsulated housings of anodized aluminum make both angular gears light and corrosion resistant.


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