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Atomizing Spray Nozzle

EXAIR provides 360 degree spray of fluids with up to 300 centipoise viscosity.

March 9, 2016   by Design Engineering staff

15-March-Exair-nozzle-360EXAIR released its 1/4 NPT internal mix 360-degree hollow circular pattern atomizing spray nozzle designed to atomize fluid and sprays away from the nozzle in all directions. They combine liquid and compressed air inside of the air cap to produce a fine mist with liquid flows from 1.6 to 8.9 gallons per hour and viscosity of up to 300 centipoise. Made of stainless steel the nozzles are available with 1/4 NPT and 1/2 NPT connections and in a variety of sizes and shapes to meet your needs. All models are adjustable and are CE compliant.

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