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B&R 4:3 format panels feature Smart Display Link 3 technology for remote instalations.

November 27, 2014   by Design Engineering staff

14-Nov-BR-Automation_Panel-360In addition to its widescreen panels, B&R Automation has added a line of second generation automation panel displays in conventional 4:3 format with single-touch operation. As part of B&R’s modular system platform, the panels can be combined with a module to create a panel PC. The panels can also be equipped with a Smart Display Link 3 receiver that allows the display to be installed at distances up to 100 meters from the PC. SDL3 then transmits all necessary data over an ordinary Ethernet cable. The 4:3 format units are available as 12.1″ and 15″ panels with XGA resolution and well as 19″ panels with SXGA resolution. The panels’ LED backlight features a wide adjustment range to allow for dimmed user environments .

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