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HAWE's V80M-200 axial piston pump transforms a power of up to 325 kW.

HAWE V80M-200The new V80M-200 axial piston pump from HAWE was designed to a nominal pressure of 400 bar and a peak pressure of 450 bar, it displaces up to 202 cm3/rev. This compact design takes up limited space at just 344 mm long and 292 mm wide. The pump is attached directly to the combustion engine or via a transfer box. Various flanges are available for this. The type V80M-200 transforms a power of up to 325 kW. In addition, the pump provides the entire displacement up to an engine torque of 2,150 rev/min. The pump is ideal for continuous operation in mobile working machines such as concrete pumps, road headers, tunnel-driving machines, harvesters or municipal vehicles. The pump is available with a pressure controller, load-sensing controller and power controller. The various controller types can also be combined. The load-sensing controller allows better adjustment of the installed power to the maximum pressure or volume flow requirements within a load cycle. It reliably prevents overloading of the drive motor. The V80M-200 pump is available with the option of a thru-shaft so that it can work in series with other hydraulic pumps. With tandem pumps, the full torque is also available at the second pump.


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