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Bin Picking System

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Comau’s MI.RA/PICKER autonomously grasps randomly placed objects at up to 40 pieces per minute (PPM).

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Comau introduced “MI.RA/PICKER”, an automated, perception-based random bin picking system. Adaptable to any brand of commercial robot, customized bin or customized gripper, the system uses two high-resolution laser sensors and a central 3D vision camera to autonomously recognize, locate and grasp randomly placed objects at a rate of up to 40 pieces per minute (PPM). The system also includes a virtual simulation tools and predictive algorithms for optimal path management and collision-free trajectories, the company says. Because products don’t need to be placed into bins in an orderly manner, the company says its MI.RA/Picker reduces upstream process times while ensuring a simplified logistic flow without singularization of the parts or rigid fixtures.


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