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Digital Output Modules

By DE Staff   

General Machine Building

WAGO 750-527 and 750-528 solid state I/O modules able to switch both AC and DC voltages up to 30V and 2 Amps.

WAGO introduced two solid state MOSFET digital output modules that have the ability to switch 2 Amp resistive loads at a frequency up to 1 Hz. With this capability, it can switch high current outputs without wearing out mechanical relay contacts. The 750-527 and 750-528 are both a 4-channel semiconductor I/O modules that switch both AC and DC voltages up to 30V and 2A. Field power for the 750-527 is supplied by the module’s power jumper contacts and can be cascaded to other modules. The 750-528 field power is supplied by an external source and each of the four outputs are isolated from each other.


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