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The Aventics RTC-TD door drives system components consist of the proven standard pneumatic modules.

September 12, 2016   Staff

aventics pneumatic door drivesThe Aventics RTC-TD door drives offer adjustment of the closing speed, pneumatic cushioning, and safe exhaust. The product’s system components consist of the proven standard pneumatic modules. The system includes a cartridge solution for the valves into the end covers of the rodless cylinder. Applied in railway brake systems, these are particularly sturdy and vibration resistant, since, unlike valves mounted on profiles, no pipes and pipe connections can come apart. With the exception of the open/close control, all pneumatic functions are integrated via the valves. A two-stage throttle with fixed throttle cross-sections brakes the movement without electronics and mechanical wear parts. Doors equipped with RTC-TD can be quickly and easily opened manually in case of emergency. In case of power loss and actuation of the emergency opening valve, the exhaust valve opens automatically and the pressure inside the rodless cylinder drops to the level of the ambient atmosphere.

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