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SMAC LBR40 series linear rotary actuator offers high precision in a slim, stackable package.

August 11, 2020   by DE Staff

SMAC unveiled its LBR40, a slim, stackable linear rotary actuator that incorporates the company’s HT35 direct drive brushless motor. Encoder resolutions are available from 5μm standard, with a 1 and 0.1μm option for most actuators. In addition, the actuator offers a stroke up to 250mm and force up to 500N. The multi-turn servo motor provides torque up to 4.5Nm, velocity up to 5000 rpm, resolution up to 132,000 increments per revolution. The vacuum passage built in the shaft through the rotary motor prevents dust build up in the unit; IP67 protection is available as well as a built-in controller with popular communication protocols.

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