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Electro-Magnetic Brakes

By DE Staff   

Motion Control Machine Building

Miki Pulley BXR-LE brake provides more stopping power using less space.

Miki Pulley introduced its, BXR-LE, a line of spring-applied Electro-Magnetic Brakes hold a static position, without the need for external power. When the stator is energized, the brake is disengaged allowing free rotation. When no current is applied, compression springs halt the brake rotor thereby stopping the input shaft rotation. The series comes in six size configurations, designed for smaller machine and robotic applications, where cantilevered loads can negatively impact operation. With accompanying voltage controller, power consumption is stepped down to 7VDC after a split second of 24VDC for brake actuation. The series allows a maximum of 6000 RPM with a static friction torque range: 0.06 Nm – 3.20 Nm (0.044 ft-lbs – 2.36 ft-lbs).


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