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Additive Manufacturing Medical 3D printing EOS Stainless Steel

EOS StainlessSteel 17-4PH is a stainless steel characterized by having an exceptional resistance to abrasion, wear and corrosion.

EOS Stainless SteelEOS StainlessSteel 17-4PH IndustryLine is a high-strength, easily curable, highly corrosion- and acid-resistant iron-based material which is ideal for the manufacture of medical instruments (e. g. surgical tools, orthopedic instrumentation). Parts can be additionally processed, micro-blasted, and polished directly after the Additive Manufacturing process or also after heat treatment. The quality of each batch of EOS StainlessSteel 17-4PH IndustryLine powder delivered is guaranteed by quality assurance processes, which are parts of the extensive quality management system used at EOS for systems, powdered materials, and processes.  The parts built from EOS StainlessSteel 17-4PH have chemical composition corresponding to ASTM F899 – 12b (Standard Specification for Wrought Stainless Steels for Surgical Instruments) and can be postprocessed with conventional techniques.


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