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Force Moment Sensor

SCHUNK FTL sensor withstands three times normal load and provides accuracies better than 3 percent.

February 25, 2014   by Design Engineering Staff

14-feb-Schunk-Force-Moment-Sensor-360SCHUNK released its FTL Force Moment sensor that features six independent load measurement ranges allowing for measurement of forces up to 150N and moments up to 3Nm. The sensor is also built heavy enough to withstand up to three times the normal load and provide accuracies of better than 3 percent. The signal is scanned with an internal sampling rate of 1.5 kHz at 12 bit analogue resolution. The sensor can cope with a short-term overload. Configuration and evaluation are possible by RS232 or CAN bus. The sensor requires a battery-servable power supply from 12 – 24 V DC.

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