Gear Motors

Yaskawa introduces gear motor capabilities for its full Sigma-7 servo line

0 May 24, 2017
by Design Engineering staff

The Drives & Motion Division of Yaskawa America, Inc. announced that it has designed a set of gearheads to pair with every servo motor in the company’s Sigma-7 range, rated from 50 watts to 15 kilowatts. Five different gear ratios are available, ranging from 3/1 to 50/1. According to the company. the gearheads are matched with their companion servo motors in mounting conventions, coupling mechanics and output characteristics. Features include precision helical gearing, an enhanced system of bearings, balanced, concentric shaft couplings and documented performance, including 100% inspection of all gear motors and a report on noise level, vibration, backlash, accuracy and drive back torque.

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