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High-Torque Tooth Clutches

Nexen’s new clutch sizes to deliver more torque and flexibility.

July 6, 2016   Mike McLeod

16-July-NEXEN-Tooth-Clutch-360Nexen Group, Inc. has added size 80 and 100 to its high-torque tooth clutch series, which consists of more than 45 clutches in multiple bore sizes. Model 5H80P offers up to 65,500 in-lbs. at 80 psi while Model 5H100P provides up to 90,000 in-lbs. at 80 psi. All models are available as air engaged, spring released or spring-engaged/air-released designs, and in flange-mount and pilot-mount versions. Nexen’s nickel-plated, enclosed clutches are suitable for use in wet or dirty environments. When equipped with rotary seals, they provide IP55-equivalent protection against contact with dirt and infiltration of water. Nexen’s tooth clutch interface consists of close pitched, radially cut teeth that mesh under thrust force from the air chamber or from springs, providing positive, non-slipping torque transmission.

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