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Eaton one-piece Everflex E-Series fittings boost operating pressures by up to 33 percent.

January 11, 2012   by Design Engineering Staff

Eaton Corporation has expanded its Everflex E-Series line of one-piece, crimp-type hose fittings that increase operating pressures up to 33 percent, the company says. The fittings and the higher pressures have been validated on Eaton’s 2807, FC465, S-TW and SC-TW series hoses.

The fittings are available in both male pipe and female 37º swivel end configurations in both carbon and stainless steel. The carbon steel offering now includes hose fittings for -8, -12 and -16 size hoses, while the new stainless steel offering covers -4 through -16 size hoses.

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