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Baldor Electric Company's GPM Induction Motor product line features wide stock rating range.

14-july-baldor-motor-360Baldor Electric Company introduced a line of energy efficient electric motors, the Large AC – GPM induction motor, available up to 1,500 HP. The motors are available in stock ratings of 250 – 1,000 HP, 2300/4000V, Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC), foot mounted designs. Custom motors are available in 250 – 1,500 HP, 460, 575, 2300/400 Volt, TEFC, in foot mounted designs. Stock GPM motor features include all cast iron construction, drive end slinger, insulated opposite drive end bearing, winding RTDs, space heaters, provisions for bearing RTDs and a ground lug in the conduit box. The entire product line is suitable for use on variable frequency drives.


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