Inductive Proximity Sensors

Carlo Gavazzi ICB Series certified for hazardous environments.

Comments Off on Inductive Proximity Sensors May 13, 2013
by Design Engineering Staff

Carlo Gavazzi announced that its ICB Series Proximity Sensors have been certified for use in hazardous environments. By division, the certification includes hazardous locations with presence of flammable gases or vapours (Class I) includes; hazardous atmospheres only present under fault conditions and only for very short periods of time (Div 2) and Groups A, B, C, and D of explosive gases (Acetylene, Hydrogen, Ethylene and Propane). The sensors feature the same microprocessor design and AirCore sensing coil, along with a potting process that allows users to install the sensor in heavy duty applications. There are no new part numbers involved, as the Class I, Div 2 Rating is an enhancement to the existing ICB Series.