Integrated Motors

Applied Motion MDX Integrated Servo Motors offer design modularity.

0 September 4, 2019
by DE Staff

Applied Motion Products introduced its MDX Integrated Servo Motors series that combines a high-torque, low-inertia servo motor with on-board drive and controller. Connectors for power, communications, and I/O also are positioned near the back and side of the motor. The series’ onboard controllers share the same command interfaces as external motor controllers including CANopen, RS-485, Modbus, and Ethernet connections as well as discrete I/O interfaces like pulse & direction. The motors are available in a 60mm frame size, with either a 200 and 400Watts continuous output power rating. Optimized 48VDC, they can be operated at 24VDC or up to 60VDC to match available supply voltages. Two environmental ratings are available: IP65 rated motors feature M12 connectors while IP20 rated motors feature pluggable connectors.

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