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“Jaw Spider” Couplings

Miki Pulley ALS couplings designed for a wide range of applications.

May 23, 2018   by DE Staff

Miki Pulley introduced its ALS couplings, general purpose power transmission couplings with a “Curved Jaw” design. The couplings feature a polyurethane elastomer element (called the spider) between two sintered aluminum hubs. The three-component assembly fits together with a jaw from each hub precisely fitted with lobes of the spider. In operation, the jaw coupling torque is transmitted through the elastomer lobes in compression. The RoHS compliant couplings handle system speeds from 4,500 to 34,000 rpm, depending on model. They are available in eight models in bore sizes ranging from 3 to 60mm. Transmittable torque for the eight sizes range from 2.0 Nm to 1050 Nm.

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