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General Fabrication Safety light curtain SICK USA washdown

SICK Safety Light Curtain feature IP 69K housings.

SICK launched its C4000 Palletizer Advanced and M4000 Standard in IP 69K housings for washdown applications. In addition, the C4000 Micro in an IP 69K housing is now available in lengths up to 1800 mm and has an increased scanning range of up to 14.5 m.

Designed for use in washdown applications, corrosive and other moist environments, the safety light curtains offer a plastic PMMA housing and corrosion-resistant, stainless steel end caps and mounting brackets. Due to the IP 69K housing, these safety light curtains are resistant to various chemicals, such as acetic acid, hydrochloric acid and sulfuric acid.

The C4000 Micro and M4000 Standard are designed for washdown applications in dairy, chemical and meat processing industries. The M4000 Standard IP 69K features two 4-beam versions and one active/passive version with a scanning range from 0.5-4 m. The C4000 Palletizer Advanced IP 69K, which features a 30 mm resolution with a protective height of 1,050 mm, provides access protection in applications requiring transportation of goods and materials.



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