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Motion Control actuator

Exlar K Series delivers flexibility and performance.

Exlar’s linear actuator line has been expanded to include the new K Series Universal rod style linear actuators. Capable of mounting any type of motor, this actuator series is also available with multiple grades of planetary roller screws and an option for an ACME screw.

Input transmission options include parallel motor mounts with belt transmissions. Ratios of 1:1 to 2:1 are offered standard. Additional options include a direct drive inline mount or a base unit without motor mounting provisions. Mounting options include front flange, rear flange, rear clevis, rear eye, adjustable side trunnions, end angles or foot mount.

Exlar K Series linear actuators are available in multiple sizes, ranging from a 60-mm frame with standard stroke lengths to 750-mm and longer stroke lengths. The acutator’s dimensions and form factors are consistent with ISO Metric pneumatic cylinder specifications. Additionally, the roller screw drive allows the K Series to replace hydraulic cylinders.



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