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M12 Connector

Positionable, panel-mounted connector prewired with 24 AWG wires.

March 14, 2019   by DE Staff

Connector manufacturer, binder, has expanded its M12 product family to include a positionable and lockable M12 male panel-mounted connector. Standard panel-mount connectors have a fixed contact insert, limiting the mating connector to a single fixed position. The company’s M12 connector has a separate contact body, allowing it to be positioned where users want the mating right-angle cable connector. This feature allows users to keep the cable from obstructing other connections or devices on the panel. Additionally, the contact body is prewired with 24 AWG wires and is available with 4, 5 or 8 contacts. They carry a rated voltage of 250V, 60V or 30V with gold contact plating and an IP68 rating in a mated condition.

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